Writing Resources

While we’d like our blog to be a one-stop-shop for all your writing needs, we realize that it’s difficult for one website alone to address every issue that writing can present. Because of this, we’ve compiled lists of our favorite resources that help writers overcome a variety of obstacles.

We’ve created handouts that address the questions that we hear most frequently at the Writing Center. Be sure to check out these Homegrown Handouts if you’re looking for help with topics such as commas, articles, and commonly misused words. Each handout was written by an SJSU Writing Specialist and provides easy-to-understand explanations and examples.

If you’d like additional explanations of writing problems, be sure to check out our collection of helpful external websites. We have found many pages that can help with clarity, general writing concerns, or grammar and punctuation. Be sure to browse our list of available resources in the “resource” menu tab or search for a particular problem with our search bar.

Finally, if you’d like even more help, we offer one-hour workshops that closely cover a variety of topics, including grammar, essay exams, body paragraphs, and APA formatting. We also offer tutoring sessions; appointments can be made through our online scheduling system, the WCOnline. If you have any additional questions about making an appointment, be sure to check out our FAQ or contact pages.

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