#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Tomorrow is Earth Day! To celebrate, we've put together some great images and quotes about our planet... from the inspirational:               to the silly:             to the sublime: (In case you don't know the history of the "Earthrise" image, you can watch this video). Of course, … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Appreciating Multilingual Writers

It's easy to be convinced that Google is the omniscient computer than can do anything. And, for the most part, the technology is pretty advanced. But have you ever used Google translate for English? We have. Here's what happens when you translate the Preamble of the Constitution into multiple languages: English: We the People of … Continue reading Appreciating Multilingual Writers

Where do your ideas come from?

As someone who is often working on a writing project, I get asked this question: "Where the heck do all those ideas come from?" And while I could answer in an opaque, "artistic" way about the muses and the gifts of the creative spirits, there are some practical methods I've discovered over the years, first … Continue reading Where do your ideas come from?

Quick Tip #12: We’re all poets…and didn’t know it?

It's April...aka While there are many ways you can celebrate, why not try to write your own poetry? Remember that conversation we had about a daily writing practice? April might be just the inspiration you need. But how do you become a masterful poet when you don't think of yourself as an artist? A friend … Continue reading Quick Tip #12: We’re all poets…and didn’t know it?

The Books of Spring Break

Hooray for Spring Break! From all of us here at the Writing Center - we're looking forward to a little R, R, & R: Rest, Relaxation, & Reading! In case you need some "beach reading" inspiration, we've got you covered: From our Writing Specialists: Ines: The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is succinct enough to … Continue reading The Books of Spring Break

The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

It's getting close to Spring Break.  That means it's crunch time - every time you turn around, there's another paper to be written, another test to be taken, another lab report to complete.  Where'd all that extra time for all those extra things you promised yourself you'd do to be a "good" student this semester … Continue reading The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

Have a literary Valentine’s Day!

It's Valentine's Day - a time to celebrate love...and write lovely poems or settle for some funny puns.  But, if you're feeling stuck this year, take heart, we've searched for the best -- and worst -- ideas for your Valentine's Day. For the literary punster: Have a friend who wished his / her favorite author would … Continue reading Have a literary Valentine’s Day!

The words they are a changin’…and so are we: we’re hiring!

Since we've been talking about the new updates and changes to our Writing Center this week, we'd like to point out that we are not alone in our progress. The English language (and our relationship with words) is constantly evolving. In the last few months, in witnessing the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel … Continue reading The words they are a changin’…and so are we: we’re hiring!

The Song I Write: a Playlist for Writers

In just a few short days, the Writing Center will be open again! As you eagerly await Monday, February 6th, you can make the time pass a little faster with our literary-themed playlist, broken down by topic: On Punctuation / Grammar:  Weird Al's "Word Crimes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_i1xk07o4g They Might Be Giants have … Continue reading The Song I Write: a Playlist for Writers

Writing for Change: Helpful Tips

As you've likely seen on social media in the last several weeks, there has been a virtual flood of information being shared about how to contact elected officials asking for change. And, while it has been suggested that phone calls - or showing up in person to town hall events - might be among the … Continue reading Writing for Change: Helpful Tips