CCCC Photos

We had a great time at the SJSU Regional CCCC! Writing Specialists Ariel Andrew and Saya Morita presented on panels.  Writing Center Director Michelle Hager along with "The Write Attitude" editor (and Digitial Initiatives Coordinator) Maria Judnick led a half-day workshop at the conference. And, thanks to our tips from last Friday's post, none of …

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#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week at SJSU we're hosting a regional CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication)! A few of our Writing Specialists are speaking during various panels and our faculty are hard at work presenting a workshop as well. So, this Friday, we thought we'd celebrate the art of the conference presentation. Usually when folks think …

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Summer Vacation Is Here!

It's summer!  Time to do your happy dance! First, we expect that you'll spend several days doing this: But, then, reality sets in.  You head back to your summer job: and/or to summer school: But, no matter what, you're still determined to have the best summer ever!               And, …

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The Wrap-Up: Parting Advice from Graduating Specialists

All good things must come to an end, and that's especially true this year at SJSU. While we are happy so many of our beloved Writing Specialists are graduating, we'll be sad to see them go! But, never fear, we asked each of them to offer one final piece of advice for us. Tim: Preparation …

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#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Yippee! It's Spring Break! If you aren't heading to the beach next week, you might be at home writing all those papers you've been putting off.  To help, we thought we'd take a look at the writing process:  Grant Snider, the mastermind behind Incidental Comics, has a sense of humor about writing styles...and the inspiration …

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Want more writing help? Register for one of our workshops!

Speaking of resources here at SJSU, did you know you could take FREE workshops with our Writing Specialists?? Come by and check out our offerings for the next few weeks... ...or go online to our website! So, be like the Count and sign up!

The words they are a changin’…and so are we: we’re hiring!

Since we've been talking about the new updates and changes to our Writing Center this week, we'd like to point out that we are not alone in our progress. The English language (and our relationship with words) is constantly evolving. In the last few months, in witnessing the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel …

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