Summer Book / Movie Preview 2017

As we inch towards May - and summer vacation - it seems like as good a time as any to start planning some fun. And by "fun," we definitely mean "reading." Remember when we told you about the importance of reading over breaks? Well, we're not just recommending "school" books.  After all, no matter the … Continue reading Summer Book / Movie Preview 2017

The Books of Spring Break

Hooray for Spring Break! From all of us here at the Writing Center - we're looking forward to a little R, R, & R: Rest, Relaxation, & Reading! In case you need some "beach reading" inspiration, we've got you covered: From our Writing Specialists: Ines: The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is succinct enough to … Continue reading The Books of Spring Break

Quick Tip #11: Our Daily Words (Setting a Writing Routine)

If every time you sit down to write you end up feeling like the person below... might not be the assignment's fault.* Rather, it might be time to look in the mirror and then look at your writing habits. We've talked before about the problems of procrastination, but there's another way to tackle your writing woes. … Continue reading Quick Tip #11: Our Daily Words (Setting a Writing Routine)

The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

It's getting close to Spring Break.  That means it's crunch time - every time you turn around, there's another paper to be written, another test to be taken, another lab report to complete.  Where'd all that extra time for all those extra things you promised yourself you'd do to be a "good" student this semester … Continue reading The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

Quick Tip #9: You are not a bad writer

Too often, we hear students utter this awful sentence: "I'm a bad writer." What does that sentence usually mean? You're struggling in a writing class and feeling frustrated. Your expectations for your writing aren't meeting your (current) reality. You might be comparing yourself unfairly to other writers you know who seem to be getting better … Continue reading Quick Tip #9: You are not a bad writer

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

It's true what they say - all you ever really need to know you learned in [this book about] kindergarten. As Introvert Doodles illustrates below, you could learn anything from a book.   Of course, where does all that accumulated knowledge come from? Simple: writers. Here are some great TED talks by writers about the art of … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Quick Tip #7: Keep Reading

Another semester here at SJSU is nearly complete.  You've stocked up on your favorite energy drinks, replenished your coffee stash, and charged your laptops in preparation of a busy finals week. But, have you given thought to how you can continue to work on your writing skills after the frenzy of finals when you're on the … Continue reading Quick Tip #7: Keep Reading

The Write Thanks

Over here at the SJSU Writing Center, we're feeling pretty thankful for our blog readers! But we're also very grateful for all the writers and artists who keep us motivated to keep reading, writing, thinking, and creating. Here are a few of our favorites. From our Writing Specialists: Akhil: I'm thankful for the rapper G-Eazy, who … Continue reading The Write Thanks