When Do I Use A Comma?

By Holly Michaelsen Do you ever wonder if you're using the comma in the right place? These handy charts might be just what you need for quick-reference on the matter. For more detailed explanations and specific applications, please see our resource links (The University of Chapel Hill, The OWL at Purdue) and homegrown handouts ("Commas", … Continue reading When Do I Use A Comma?

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Puns never go out of style, and as far as grammar is concerned, puns easily integrate into the eye-rolling humor depicted in Bizarro’s comics like in the one below: Beyond the obvious and cheeky phonetic similarity between “pronounce” and “pronouns,” the comic demonstrates a morphological transformation between the former verb and the latter noun. Morphology, … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, Sammy the Spartan gets into the action: And Sammy isn't the only one around here who loves being a grammarian.  Everywhere we've turned this week, we couldn't help but notice other people joining in our quest. First, we saw this New Yorker comic... and then we saw this BBC story and video about a self-proclaimed … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week's contribution comes from Writing Specialist Sheldon Hentschke: Calvin and Hobbes was always my favorite comic when I was a kid, and it still is now that I'm a slightly larger kid. Looking back on some of these comics, I think it would be...interesting, shall we say, to see Calvin at the Writing Center. I … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, we celebrate the art of the apostrophe.  Don't know the proper use of a possessive apostrophe like this comic? Don't worry - there's a Homegrown Handout for that. So, in the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the comics: Happy Friday!    

The Song I Write: a Playlist for Writers

In just a few short days, the Writing Center will be open again! As you eagerly await Monday, February 6th, you can make the time pass a little faster with our literary-themed playlist, broken down by topic: On Punctuation / Grammar:  Weird Al's "Word Crimes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_i1xk07o4g They Might Be Giants have … Continue reading The Song I Write: a Playlist for Writers

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Yes, school started at SJSU yesterday whether we were ready or not. As students are getting settled into their new courses, they often discover a professor might have a particular grammar pet peeve. One of those commonly mentioned recommendations for students to watch for as they edit is the Oxford Comma. Of course, the internet … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2b: The Best Weekly Internet Post about Writing

Happy Friday!  Here at the Writing Center, we sometimes see students who come in feeling frustrated with writing.  And, we get it -- even the most passionate writer has bad days when they have trouble expressing themselves and the work seems too challenging to ever enjoy. So, that's where our new Friday feature comes in. … Continue reading #2bORnot2b: The Best Weekly Internet Post about Writing

Quick Tip #7: Keep Reading

Another semester here at SJSU is nearly complete.  You've stocked up on your favorite energy drinks, replenished your coffee stash, and charged your laptops in preparation of a busy finals week. But, have you given thought to how you can continue to work on your writing skills after the frenzy of finals when you're on the … Continue reading Quick Tip #7: Keep Reading

Putting up with Prepositions

“This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.” There’s something immediately funny about the sentence above. It sounds stuffy, pompous, maybe even absurd. And even though it is often attributed to Winston Churchill, he never actually said it. This quotation is from a 1942 story in The Strand Magazine and … Continue reading Putting up with Prepositions