When Do I Use A Comma?

By Holly Michaelsen Do you ever wonder if you're using the comma in the right place? These handy charts might be just what you need for quick-reference on the matter. For more detailed explanations and specific applications, please see our resource links (The University of Chapel Hill, The OWL at Purdue) and homegrown handouts ("Commas", … Continue reading When Do I Use A Comma?

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Puns never go out of style, and as far as grammar is concerned, puns easily integrate into the eye-rolling humor depicted in Bizarro’s comics like in the one below: Beyond the obvious and cheeky phonetic similarity between “pronounce” and “pronouns,” the comic demonstrates a morphological transformation between the former verb and the latter noun. Morphology, … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, Sammy the Spartan gets into the action: And Sammy isn't the only one around here who loves being a grammarian.  Everywhere we've turned this week, we couldn't help but notice other people joining in our quest. First, we saw this New Yorker comic... and then we saw this BBC story and video about a self-proclaimed … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week our Writing Specialist Nicky Lai offers a quick look at her favorite comic series - Peanuts by Charles Schulz. Snoopy is a wise and clever beagle. He can relate to the many writing concerns that students may face while writing an essay and wants to offer us some tips of the trade! (All these comics appear … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week's contribution comes from Writing Specialist Sheldon Hentschke: Calvin and Hobbes was always my favorite comic when I was a kid, and it still is now that I'm a slightly larger kid. Looking back on some of these comics, I think it would be...interesting, shall we say, to see Calvin at the Writing Center. I … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

How to Write Online Feedback

Did you know that the SJSU Writing Center has a YouTube channel that offers helpful videos about the writing process?  And, did you know that we recently released a new video about providing appropriate online feedback? Feeling excited yet?  Now you know that here at the Writing Center, we're happy to reach writers any way … Continue reading How to Write Online Feedback

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, as students are starting to hand in early papers to classes, we thought we'd feature some humor around editing and drafts. In grad school, you're often subjected to endless rounds of edit suggestions from your advisor like in this recent PhD comic: ...but for those procrastinators who don't leave time for editing, the … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Welcome Back…And Welcome to the Writing Process!

Welcome back to the Writing Center, Spartans! Not only do we have some new furniture in the office but we also have lots of new blog posts, homegrown handouts, videos, games, and other resources to share! We're also going to be encouraging you to think more about the Writing Center can help you through all … Continue reading Welcome Back…And Welcome to the Writing Process!

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, we celebrate the art of the apostrophe.  Don't know the proper use of a possessive apostrophe like this comic? Don't worry - there's a Homegrown Handout for that. So, in the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the comics: Happy Friday!    

Writing for Change: Helpful Tips

As you've likely seen on social media in the last several weeks, there has been a virtual flood of information being shared about how to contact elected officials asking for change. And, while it has been suggested that phone calls - or showing up in person to town hall events - might be among the … Continue reading Writing for Change: Helpful Tips