Quick Tip #10: The art of the “hook”

Here's a question: would you rather read a biographical essay about Shakespeare that started like this: This paper will be about Shakespeare, a dramatist and poet who is very famous in England and around the world. He was baptized on April 26, 1564 in a small town called Stratford-upon-Avon. [...] or, like this? "To be … Continue reading Quick Tip #10: The art of the “hook”

Quick Tip #8: You and What Audience?

Writing a paper while considering your audience might seem like an impossible task. How can you write for a reader you’ve never met? But what most people don’t realize is that you write for different audiences all the time, especially on social media. How many times have you written a post with a goal of … Continue reading Quick Tip #8: You and What Audience?

Writing for Change: Helpful Tips

As you've likely seen on social media in the last several weeks, there has been a virtual flood of information being shared about how to contact elected officials asking for change. And, while it has been suggested that phone calls - or showing up in person to town hall events - might be among the … Continue reading Writing for Change: Helpful Tips

On Writing: President Obama and MLK

Throughout his tenure, President Obama has shown that another role should be added to his general job description, that of "Reader in Chief." In an interview published today with The New York Times' chief book critic Michiko Kakutani, President Obama discusses his reading habits.  But he also has this intriguing response about his speechwriting process: … Continue reading On Writing: President Obama and MLK

Tips and Tricks for Self-Editing: Content

Welcome to our tips and tricks for self-editing series! This four-part Thursday series will help you become more familiar with your own work, so you can improve your content, organization, style, and grammar on your own. This series is aimed so that this situation won’t happen to you: Today, we’re going to start with content. Some … Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Self-Editing: Content

The Importance of Audience

Hello again! During our first post, we explored the question of why we write, finding many typical answers to be inaccurate or incomplete. In our last post, we introduced the rhetorical triangle, solidifying the real reason people write: to close the gap in understanding between writer and audience. In this post, we will discuss audience, … Continue reading The Importance of Audience