Summer Book / Movie Preview 2017

As we inch towards May - and summer vacation - it seems like as good a time as any to start planning some fun. And by "fun," we definitely mean "reading." Remember when we told you about the importance of reading over breaks? Well, we're not just recommending "school" books.  After all, no matter the … Continue reading Summer Book / Movie Preview 2017

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Tomorrow is Earth Day! To celebrate, we've put together some great images and quotes about our planet... from the inspirational:               to the silly:             to the sublime: (In case you don't know the history of the "Earthrise" image, you can watch this video). Of course, … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Appreciating Multilingual Writers

It's easy to be convinced that Google is the omniscient computer than can do anything. And, for the most part, the technology is pretty advanced. But have you ever used Google translate for English? We have. Here's what happens when you translate the Preamble of the Constitution into multiple languages: English: We the People of … Continue reading Appreciating Multilingual Writers

Where do your ideas come from?

As someone who is often working on a writing project, I get asked this question: "Where the heck do all those ideas come from?" And while I could answer in an opaque, "artistic" way about the muses and the gifts of the creative spirits, there are some practical methods I've discovered over the years, first … Continue reading Where do your ideas come from?

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

This week, Sammy the Spartan gets into the action: And Sammy isn't the only one around here who loves being a grammarian.  Everywhere we've turned this week, we couldn't help but notice other people joining in our quest. First, we saw this New Yorker comic... and then we saw this BBC story and video about a self-proclaimed … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Quick Tip #12: We’re all poets…and didn’t know it?

It's April...aka While there are many ways you can celebrate, why not try to write your own poetry? Remember that conversation we had about a daily writing practice? April might be just the inspiration you need. But how do you become a masterful poet when you don't think of yourself as an artist? A friend … Continue reading Quick Tip #12: We’re all poets…and didn’t know it?

#2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Yippee! It's Spring Break! If you aren't heading to the beach next week, you might be at home writing all those papers you've been putting off.  To help, we thought we'd take a look at the writing process:  Grant Snider, the mastermind behind Incidental Comics, has a sense of humor about writing styles...and the inspiration … Continue reading #2bORnot2B: Meme of the Week

Quick Tip #11: Our Daily Words (Setting a Writing Routine)

If every time you sit down to write you end up feeling like the person below... might not be the assignment's fault.* Rather, it might be time to look in the mirror and then look at your writing habits. We've talked before about the problems of procrastination, but there's another way to tackle your writing woes. … Continue reading Quick Tip #11: Our Daily Words (Setting a Writing Routine)

The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

It's getting close to Spring Break.  That means it's crunch time - every time you turn around, there's another paper to be written, another test to be taken, another lab report to complete.  Where'd all that extra time for all those extra things you promised yourself you'd do to be a "good" student this semester … Continue reading The Words I Listen to…Podcasts for Writers

Quick Tip #10: The art of the “hook”

Here's a question: would you rather read a biographical essay about Shakespeare that started like this: This paper will be about Shakespeare, a dramatist and poet who is very famous in England and around the world. He was baptized on April 26, 1564 in a small town called Stratford-upon-Avon. [...] or, like this? "To be … Continue reading Quick Tip #10: The art of the “hook”