Michelle WebMichelle Hager, Writing Center Director, Executive Editor

Michelle Hager is the Writing Center Director, executive editor for the SJSU Writing Center blog, and a lecturer in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in English from San Jose State University, and she has been teaching college-level writing for over ten years. She enjoys the daily adventures of teaching and working at the Writing Center.


mariaMaria Judnick, Faculty-in-Residence at the Writing Center, Editor

Maria Judnick is one of the Faculty-in-Residence at the Writing Center.  Thanks to her background as a writer / blogger for several local publications, she happily serves as the Editor of the SJSU Writing Center Blog. She earned her MA in literature from San Jose State University and her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from St. Mary’s College of California. When not teaching, Maria keeps busy finishing up her first novel, coordinating NEH summer institutes for teachers, and traveling. 

Spring 2018 Writing Tutor Contributors:

ariel blog.jpgAriel Andrew:

Ariel has a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in fiction.  

When she doesn’t have her eyes glued to a book or laptop screen, she likes to explore the Bay Area. As a Midwestern transplant, Ariel appreciates the Californian novelties of mountains, beaches, and widely available Stevia.

DANIELDaniel Tafoya:

Daniel is BA student in English with a Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing, and he’s also a course-embedded 100W Tutor.

When he’s not eating gluten-free treats and critiquing films, he can be found working towards his goals of screenwriting, publishing, and owning a pet pig.

ines blog.jpgInes Marjanovic, Associate Blog Editor:

Ines has a BA in English and is currently pursuing an MA in Communication Studies. 

When she’s not engrossed in books, Ines can be found exploring new hiking trails, visiting museums, and trying her luck at graphic design.

jaq blog.jpgJack Brady:

Jack attends San Jose State University and hopes to receive a BA in Animation/Illustration. Outside of academic life, he likes to keep himself updated on Internet culture, mimic cat sleeping patterns, and eat daring amounts of sugar.


Luke Coulter.jpgLuke Coulter:

Luke is a BA student in English Education, and he is both a tutor at the Writing Center and a 100W course embedded tutor. His professional goal includes being a kind, competent, and wise English teacher, and his hobbies — reading, writing, and obsessing over grammar — align perfectly with that goal.



Former Editor and Writing Tutor Contributors:

jasmineJasmine Mally:

Jasmine Mally has a BA in Spanish language and culture and has completed her MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

In addition to language, Jasmine enjoys art in various forms. She loves dancing Salsa and Vallenato, sketching, reading poetry, as well as learning to play the violin.

profile-picture-coming-soonVanessa Palencia:

Vanessa Palencia is a former Writing Specialist at the Writing Center and a contributor for the Writing Center blog. She is a recent graduate of SJSU with a BA in English with a Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing. After graduating, Vanessa hopes to continue to develop her online magazine and become a professional travel blogger.

During her free time, Vanessa likes to write lyrical poems, go on spontaneous road trips, and Google future vacation trips. She is one of the founders for an up-and-coming online magazine and is part of a seriously cool travel club. Although she is an English major, her love of reading has been tainted by the overload of reading assignments, so she looks forward to regaining her love for reading after graduation.

sayaka_moritaSaya Morita:

Saya is a student from Japan who has finished working on her MA in TESOL.

She grew up in California and Japan and enjoys living in both places. She got her BA in Liberal Arts from Waseda University, which is located in Tokyo, Japan. She discovered her love for teaching while tutoring English to refugees in Korea and enjoys working with all students at the Writing Center.

tim_alexanderTim Alexander:

Timothy Alexander has completed his MA in Spanish with a concentration in Linguistics. His interests range from writing short stories and never finishing to updating his LinkedIn account, and even boning up on social media trends. While Timothy is an avid reader and writer, he also enjoys watching foreign films and socially conscious YouTube videos. Currently, Timothy not only works at the Writing Center, but he also interns as a Spanish to English interpreter and social media specialist at a local San Jose nonprofit.

Jessy FIR WebJessy Goodman, Former Editor

Jessy Goodman earned her MFA in creative writing from San Jose State University in 2014 and now teaches English and Global Studies at SJSU.

She has written two novels and won a variety of awards for her short fiction and poetry, including the prestigious Lois King Thor Short Story Scholarship. Jessy also works as lead fiction editor for the popular online Bay Area lit journal, The Rumpus.

She attended the exclusive Salzburg Global Seminar as a faculty fellow, and she also attended as a graduate student in 2013. Jessy hopes to relocate abroad in the next couple of years—hopefully to London.

Roya WebRoya Lillie

Roya Lillie has a BA in English but hopes to attain a teaching credential and an MA in Education.

Though Roya loves writing and reading, she also enjoys cycling, hiking, and trail running so she can spend extended amounts of time outside. When she’s not busy with work, Roya likes to explore, garden, and eat. Even though she is by no means an excellent athlete, she hopes to one day be the first trail runner sponsored by Tillamook cheese.

Giselle WebGiselle Tran

Giselle Tran has a BA in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing as well as a minor in Professional and Technical Writing. Giselle hopes to later pursue her MFA in Poetry and Nonfiction.

Aside from writing for Content Magazine about local musicians, Giselle has her own band, Wallace, which plays around San Jose often. Although she has no delusions of greatness or success, Giselle hopes to play a sold-out show someday.

profile-picture-coming-soonHannah Wiltbank

Hannah works as a tech writer in San Jose. She enjoys reading, writing, gaming, and baking. She also enjoys grammar and linguistics, if you couldn’t tell.

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