Meme of the Week #20 – A Writer’s Anxiety

This week, we’re enjoying the creative work of new Writing Specialist Daniel Tafoya! Welcome, Daniel!




Do you find yourself writing the same sentence over and over again for hours on end? Are you worrying about your grammar when you should be worrying about the strength of your thesis? Has the cleanliness of your apartment become more of a concern than your paper? If so, then you may have a case of writer’s anxiety, a common illness described around the internet.

Common causes of writer’s anxiety include having to write a lengthy paper, having to write multiple papers that have overlapping deadlines, and having to write a paper on an area of study that isn’t your forte (*cough* Quantum Physics! *cough*). (Excuse me).

There are ways to control writer’s anxiety – six in fact. Let’s take a look:

1.You can control writer’s anxiety by not waiting until the last minute to start your paper(s),

In other words, start your paper(s) early. Plan a schedule where you can devote the time to write.

2. taking breaks while you are writing your paper(s),

The best paper(s) is/are not written in one sitting. Breaks will not only ease your anxiety but also give you the time to relax and think clearly.

3. exercising,

Studies show that exercise is a great way to maintain mental fitness and reduce stress.

4. treating yourself to the finer things in life,

Just because you have a paper or papers to write does not mean that you have to give up the things you enjoy.  

5. relaxing from the stress of stressing over your paper,

This tip is easier said than done because writing can be stressful, but stressing over your writer’s anxiety will not help you control your writer’s anxiety.  

6. and writing.

Write it off. The only way to control writer’s anxiety is by writing. Don’t let your anxiety control you; you control it.

And, if you follow all these steps, you might just earn the prize at the end of the writing rainbow – a finished paper!

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