The SJSU Campus Reading Program Selection

It’s Finals Week here at SJSU, which means lots of students are experiencing “The 13 Moments of Finals Week.” But, dear Spartans, when you emerge from your multiple days of deep sleep, refreshed and looking for some ideas for summer fun, we hope you think of the Campus Reading Program.

Next year’s selection is Hotdogs and Hamburgers: Unlocking Life’s Potential by Inspiring Literacy at Any Age by Ron Shindler.

From the Amazon description: LEARNING TO READ BUILDS CONFIDENCE AND HOPE In this heartwarming story, author Rob Schindler tells how he offered his time, unflagging energy, and unconventional teaching techniques to help a boy with serious learning differences and adults suffering from low literacy levels. A father who wanted to help his son with his reading deficiencies, Rob discovered the way to that goal was through volunteering at the Literacy Center of Chicago. There, he learned firsthand how ridiculous the common misconceptions are about learning disabilities and adult illiteracy. The assortment of students he taught were ambitious people who were eloquent, driven, clever, and so funny they made him laugh out loud. Here, Rob shares his students’ pain and humiliations, frustrations and hopes. Hot Dogs & Hamburgers demonstrates that literacy issues reside in all neighborhoods and that its victims are committed to finding dignity and life’s possibilities through learning to read. Rob’s teaching experiences are so motivating and rewarding that once you’ve read his story, you’re likely to begin your own journey as a literacy tutor.

Sounds like the perfect text for our Writing Specialists to read over the summer!

We hope you join in on the fun – keep checking the SJSU Campus Reading website for more details and Fall events!

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