Meme of the Week #19 – Pre-Summer Spectacular

Jenn Hambly

This week, enjoy the creative talents of our new Writing Specialist Jenn Hambly!

The end of the spring semester is looming, and it seems like everyone who comes to the Writing Center has citations on the brain. So, to ease the pain of all those nit-picky parentheticals, painfully punctuated APA sources (don’t forget the periods!), and obsessively organized MLA references, here are some memes describing our collective pre-summer agony.

Submitting a paper with perfectly cited references may seem like an impossible task, but my fellow Writing Specialists and I are up to the challenge.

It’s important to follow the specific style guidelines required by your professor and/or your discipline; otherwise, you risk plagiarism. The scholars whose ideas you are including in your paper worked hard for their achievements, and they deserve to have the results of their dedication, innovation, and discovery properly attributed.

If you would like guidance from a sympathetic Writing Specialist, please make an appointment through WCOnline and don’t forget to make use of our other online resources and Homegrown Handouts.

left to right: and

And remember, it could be worse…

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