Meme of the Week #17 – Did You Say Chocolate?

There’s a reason why we sometimes say we’re “running on fumes” when we’re exhausted. The same can be true for our writing lives – there are days when you just can’t bring yourself to write one more word.  What do you do in those situations? Well, for some writers, they turn to food…for both comfort and inspiration.

Let’s take a look:

This cartoon might take the old saying that coffee is the “ambrosia of the gods” a little too seriously…

…while this one uses a coffee shop as part of their writing “shtick.”

Of course, we must educate our youth on the importance of this magical liquid, as in this cartoon…


…but sometimes our youth aren’t quite ready for the big leagues.  That’s our cue to talk about the importance of chocolate in our writing lives as in this example…

…or this example about procrastination…

But, these two cartoons argue that chocolate is more than just a quick break. Really, it’s time to acknowledge chocolate should be treated as one of an academic’s major food groups.

PhD comics
Errant Science

Feeling hungry yet?  How about some coffee with some chocolate?

Ready now? Let’s get writing!

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