Meme of the Week #15 – Bizarro Punnage

Puns never go out of style, and as far as grammar is concerned, puns easily integrate into the eye-rolling humor depicted in Bizarro’s comics like in the one below:

Beyond the obvious and cheeky phonetic similarity between “pronounce” and “pronouns,” the comic demonstrates a morphological transformation between the former verb and the latter noun.

Morphology, despite its humorous depiction above, is a substantial concern for students. Am I worried or do I worry? Am I concerned or do I have concernsEtymology may not be critical for all terms, but for anyone struggling with parts of speech and their transformations, understanding prefixes and suffixes could aid in differentiation among various similar-sounding terms.

Speaking of phonetics, this second Bizarro comic (above) appears to follow the likely already confused couple into the heart of their marriage, using a quasi-homograph with “marriage” and “mirage.”

Frequently misused words are, well, frequent issues. We have a Homegrown Handout on them. Maybe two, actually.  Check them out if you know that’s a reoccurring concern!

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