Meme of the Week #12 – Peanuts

This week our Writing Specialist Nicky Lai offers a quick look at her favorite comic series – Peanuts by Charles Schulz.

Snoopy is a wise and clever beagle. He can relate to the many writing concerns that students may face while writing an essay and wants to offer us some tips of the trade! (All these comics appear in the book, Snoopy’s Guide to the Writing Life by Barnaby Conrad.)

In this example, Snoopy seems to be “chasing his tail,” so to speak. His writing is redundant, so his ideas are going around in a circle. Perhaps he should try to describe what made his years in Paris so memorable. By doing so, he will strengthen his writing by having his ideas build on each other.

Here, poor Snoopy is experiencing writer’s block. He can very much relate to students and makes a good point that “good writing is hard work!” Good writing takes time and multiple revisions, so Snoopy wants us to know that we should give ourselves enough time to sleep on an idea, so it can fully blossom! Thanks, Snoopy!

Of course, Snoopy realizes that writing clearly involves thoughtful planning and outlining. Here’s a tip: create a web outline to get all your ideas down on paper.  Outlining will make creating connections between ideas easier.

Thanks for all the help, Snoopy!


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