Welcome Back…And Welcome to the Writing Process!

Welcome back to the Writing Center, Spartans!

Don't climb on tables like Sammy the Spartan!
Don’t climb on tables like Sammy the Spartan!

Not only do we have some new furniture in the office but we also have lots of new blog posts, homegrown handouts, videos, games, and other resources to share!

We’re also going to be encouraging you to think more about the Writing Center can help you through all aspects of the writing process.

After all, we’re here to serve you through all types of writing –

whether in professional, academic, or creative work!


So, today, in honor of opening our doors again for another great semester, we thought we’d show off our new poster (created by our own Writing Specialist Jack) and ask a few of our Writing Specialists to tell us what they enjoy about the writing process:

Come see the poster in our lobby!
Come see the poster in our lobby!

Nicky: Conceptualization is the part of the writing process that I enjoy most because I like considering the different angles I can approach a topic.

Saya: For me, conceptualizing is the most enjoyable because I like to brainstorm and get my creative juices flowing. I also feel the most motivated about writing in this step of the process!



Ariel: I love the Pre-Write stage of the writing process most, because the ideas are fresh and the possibilities are exciting.

Ines: The pre-writing phrase of the writing process is a clear favorite. It’s a ceaseless flurry of imaginative analysis, and I appreciate that I am able to explore multiple perspectives before I trim, edit, and finalize my work.

Sammy: I enjoy the pre-writing stage of the writing process because I can map out the main points I want to cover in each paragraph of my paper. I have a game plan, so I’m not stressed out!

Jasmine: My favorite part of the writing process is the pre-write. When taking down notes and quotes from sources, I get to synthesize the new information and learn more about the topic.

Tim: In regards to the writing process, I really enjoy the earlier stages such as outlining, producing original ideas, and creating connections between concepts.

Sheldon: I think I most enjoy the draft stage of the writing process because the project really begins to take shape at this point. All the pieces of your work fall into place, and they start to look like one cohesive whole.


Of course, the next two stages – Finalize and Connect – are ones that your professors often emphasize because they are just as important… and fun!







Keep an eye out for these logos on the blog — we’ll help you see that it’s important to keep looking at each stage in the process!

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