Meme of the Week #2 – The Best Weekly Internet Post about Writing

Happy Friday!  Here at the Writing Center, we sometimes see students who come in feeling frustrated with writing.  And, we get it — even the most passionate writer has bad days when they have trouble expressing themselves and the work seems too challenging to ever enjoy. So, that’s where our new Friday feature comes in.

Let’s put the “fun” back in the fundamentals.  Each Friday we’ll shine a light on a humorous / helpful resource(s) from the world wide web — whether it’s a meme or a comic or a video, we want you to remember that all writers had to start somewhere, so you might as well decide to enjoy the process along the way.

Got a post you’d like us to feature? Share a link in the comments below.

To start us off, here’s one of my favorite recent sightings on the web:

Ever wonder about those crazy marks you don’t recognize when you get your paper back? Grant Snider pokes a little fun at proofreading notations…

Grant Snyder via
Grant Snider via


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